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Surname M'Gillychyna - Meaning and Origin

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M'Gillychyna: What does the surname M'Gillychyna mean?

The last name M'Gillychyna is of Irish origin, specifically the County Clare region of Ireland. This name originates with the O’Maolchalaidh sept (clan); the prefix "M'" signifies "son of." The root of the name is the Gaelic word "maolchalaidh," or "devotee of St. Callaghan." St. Callaghan is the patron saint of Kilfenora, in County Clare.

M'Gillychyna was originally a patronymic surname, which was used to identify an individual through their father's name. As a part of the O’Maolchalaidh sept, the name was used to indicate a familial association and heritage with the clan, which is why the prefix "M' was used. Over time, the name transitioned from a patronymic to a surname.

Common variations of the name include M'Gillyghryne, M'Gillygroyn, M'Gillychrin, O'Maolchalaidh, O'Maelchalih, and M'Gillycrine.

The name M'Gillychryn is a unique and special name with a long history in the County Clare region. It is a fitting tribute to the O'Maolchalaidh sept, and to the patron saint of Kilfenora, St. Callaghan.

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M'Gillychyna: Where does the name M'Gillychyna come from?

The last name M'Gillychyna is most commonly found in parts of Scotland and England, as well as in some parts of Europe. In Scotland, it is most prevalent around Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee. In England, it is mainly found in the south-east and Midlands regions.

The name is thought to have Scottish origins, as records show nearly 200 M'Gillychyns living in Scotland in the 17th century. It is likely that the name initially belonged to the Clan MacGillichuan, a prominent clan in the early days of Scottish settlement.

The earliest records of the name in England date back to 1363, with Mathewe Gillychine being listed in Nottingham. By far the most notable M'Gillychyn in England is Michael McGillychyn, a Scottish immigrant who lived in London from 1750 to 1812. He was an influential doctor and scholar who wrote many influential books on medicine and natural philosophy.

Today, the M'Gillychyna surname is still quite common in the British Isles, although it is by no means as prominent as it once was. In parts of Portugal and Spain, there are small pockets of people with the surname due to their likely descent from Scottish immigrants who settled in those countries centuries ago.

Variations of the surname M'Gillychyna

The surname M’Gillychyna has several variant spellings, including MacGillechomhnaigh, MacGillychrone and MacGillichomhaigh. It can also sometimes be written as MacGillicuddy, McGillikuddy or McGillycuddy, although these spellings are less common.

This surname is derived from the Irish Gaelic personal name Mac an Gheilleacohomhnaigh, which means “son of the servant of (St) Eochumhaigh”. Eochumhaigh is derived from the Gaelic words eoch (horse) and comhaigh (servant). The Anglicized form of the surname is McGillicuddy.

The Gaelic form of the MacGillychrone surname is also written as MacGillechomhnaigh. The anglicized forms of this surname include MacGillechomon, MacGillicombe, MacGilligombe, MacGillikombe, MacGillchrone and MacGillichen.

MacGilleose and Magilleose are alternate spellings of the surname. However, these are commonly associated with the County Clare region, specifically Inchigeela, Kilmquest and Kilrush.

The derivations of the surname M’Gillychyna can be found in the County Waterford region, specifically in Cork, Waterford, Roscommon and Galway. There is also a MacGillychrone surname associated with Scotland and both the Irish and Scottish MacGillikuddy surnames are found in Leinster.

Additional variants and spellings of MacGillychrone surname include: MacGilliken, MacGillichon, and MacGillcon. Ireland is the birthplace of the MacGillychrone surname, although individuals with the surname can now be found all over the world.

Famous people with the name M'Gillychyna

  • Evan M'Gillychryn: Canadian actor, best known for his role as Gordy Wheelhouse in the television series Parks and Rec.
  • Rachel M'Gillychryn: Olympic Athlete and National Biathlon Champion.
  • Nnedi M'Gillychryn: Award-Winning Nigerian-American Actress and playwright.
  • Gordon M'Gillychryn: Scottish guitarist and bluesman.
  • Brian M'Gillychryn: Canadian-born hockey player, NHL player for the Toronto Maple Leafs.
  • Dr. Amy M'Gillychryn: American clinical psychologist and popular conference speaker.
  • Mark M'Gillychryn: Scottish folk musician and singer/songwriter.
  • April M'Gillychryn: Canadian Stand-Up Comedian.
  • Jake M'Gillychryn: Movie and television producer from Ireland.
  • Pierre M'Gillychryn: French author and short story writer.

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