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Surname M'Adam - Meaning and Origin

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M'Adam: What does the surname M'Adam mean?

The surname M'Adam likely has its origins in Scotland. The name is derived from the Clan MacAdam, meaning “son of Adam” in Scottish Gaelic. The Clan MacAdam is part of a sept or sub-group of the larger Clan Menzies. It is believed that the family is descended from a 15th century ancestor, Adam Menzies, who held land near Loch Tay in Perthshire, Scotland.

The surname M’Adam has many spelling variations, and the surname was historically written as McAdam, McAdie, MacAdam and many other variations. The name was also adopted as a first name in some families.

The Clan MacAdam is thought to be one of the oldest Scottish clans. The clan was especially prominent in Perthshire and Stirling. The chiefs of the name had their original barony of Physgill in Stirlingshire, before they migrated to Aberdeenshire.

In modern times, people with the M'Adam surname are found throughout the world. Many have migrated from Scotland to Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States. The surname is quite rare in Scotland today, with only a few dozen bearing the surname living there - mostly located in Aberdeenshire, and Argyll and Bute.

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M'Adam: Where does the name M'Adam come from?

The last name M'Adam is most commonly found in Scotland. It is an Anglicized version of the Scottish Gaelic surname Mac Adaim, which means "son of Adam". Records of the name can be found as far back as the 1300s.

Today, people with the M'Adam surname can be found in all parts of the world, though occurrences of the name remain highest in Scotland and other neighboring countries. In Scotland specifically, people with the M'Adam surname are most commonly found in the Scottish Lowlands, making up around 1.2% of the population there.

In Canada, the M'Adam surname has experienced a steady increase in population over the past few decades, likely due to immigration from Scotland. In the United States, the surname has seen similar growth since the mid-20th century. People with the M'Adam surname can be found living in cities throughout the United States, though concentrations of the name tend to be higher in the northeast, where immigration from Scotland was most common.

Overall, the last name M'Adam is widely dispersed, with its prevalence in Scotland, Canada, and the United States providing a unique mix of cultural heritages. With the continuing trend of international travel and migration, it is likely that this unique surname will continue to spread to new areas in the years to come.

Variations of the surname M'Adam

The surname M'Adam is a Scottish surname, and the most common spelling and variant is McAdam. It is mostly associated with the Clan McAdam, a Scottish clan descending from the MacGhilleAdaim branch of the Clan Donnachaidh.

Variants of the M'Adam surname include MacAdam, MacAdam, McCadam, MacCadam, MacAdamson, MacAdimson, MacCadam, MacCadims, McCadamson, MacGadam, and MacGadims. Spellings alternate between Mc/Mac and C/G combinations, while Ad/Ada/Adi/Adim/Addi/Addim cookies serve as alternate spellings for Adam.

In some parts of Scotland, M'Adam may be found as a prefix to other surnames, such as M'Adam Gordon, M'Adam Drummond, M'Adam Ogilvy, M'Adam Douglas, M'Adam Haldane, M'Adam Keith and M'Adam Crawford. In other parts of the world, adopted variants of M'Adam may be found, such as the Medem, Medam and Madin surnames.

The surname M'Adam is ultimately derived from the biblical name Adam and is found traditionally as a patronymic (son of Adam). A patronymic derived from Adam has long been a common feature of Scottish surnames, and is reflected in place names such as M'Adamstown. Today, this name is also found across the globe as families trace their roots back to Scotland.

Famous people with the name M'Adam

  • Sir John M'Adam (1756–1836): Scottish civil engineer best remembered for inventing modern road-building methods.
  • John M'Adam (1930–2010): Scottish politician who served as a Member of the European Parliament and Deputy Speaker of the European Parliament.
  • Harry M'Adam (1902–1980): British Labour politician, who served as a Member of Parliament for five years.
  • Andrew M'Adam (1745–1794): Scottish agricultural and horticulturalist, who improved the soil in British farmland and introduced new grasses to increase productivity.
  • Euan M'Adam (1977– present): Scottish professional footballer, who has played for Glasgow Rangers and Hibs.
  • David M'Adam ( 1976– present): Scottish professional footballer, who has played for Rangers, St Johnstone and Dundee.
  • William M'Adam (1751–1836): Scottish lawyer, theologian and philanthropist, who founded the town of Dalbeattie and initiated the building of the Glenapp Castle.
  • Catherine M'Adam (1922–2002): Scottish athlete and Olympic medalist, who competed in the sprint events at the 1948 London Olympics.
  • Angus M'Adam (1818–1891): Scottish clergyman, who was a chaplain with the 45th Cameron Highlander Regiment during the Bengal Rebellion of 1857.
  • Ewan M'Adam (1912–1974): British writer, poet and socialist, best remembered as a leading exponent of the Scots New Writing movement.

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