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Surname M'Gill/M'Geil/M'Veil - Meaning and Origin

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M'Gill/M'Geil/M'Veil: What does the surname M'Gill/M'Geil/M'Veil mean?

The last name M'Gill/M'Geil/M'Veil is an anglicized form of the Irish name "Mac Giolla." The name can come from several different roots. The most common root is the Gaelic phrase 'mac giolla,' meaning 'son of a servant.' This root likely comes from a time in Gaelic history when those born as servants had the surname of 'Mac Giolla.'

Another potential root is 'mac giolla muire,' or 'son of the Virgin Mary.' This could have been a name ascribed to someone in an Irish clan to honor Mary.

The name also has the potential to have evolved from the common Irish patronymic name 'Mac Gille,' which means 'son of the devotee.' This could have come from an ancestor who was devoted to God or to his community.

Due to the various potential paths that could lead to the name M'Gill, or its various spelling variations, it's impossible to definitively identify the origin of this surname. Regardless of its origin, the name reflects the proud tradition of Irish heritage and has been established among families for centuries. The name M'Gill, as well as its variations, continues to be shared among Irish families and others of Gaelic descent.

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M'Gill/M'Geil/M'Veil: Where does the name M'Gill/M'Geil/M'Veil come from?

The surname M'Gill, M'Geil, and M'Veil are not widely used today and are often mistaken for variations of the surname McGill. The exact origin of the surname is unknown, but it is likely derived from a personal name or a place name.

The surname is most common in the United Kingdom, especially in Scotland, and in French-speaking areas of Canada, particularly New Brunswick. It is also found in the United States, particularly in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

An analysis of the 1901 Census of Scotland reveals that the majority of families with the name M'Gill, M'Geil, or M'Veil resided in either the Shetland Islands or the Ferintosh chapter of the Highland region of Scotland. In Ireland, the surname is found more in County Down and County Londonderry.

Over the past century, this surname has been increasingly associated with variations of the McGill surname, with many families changing their last names in the process. The majority of families using the original spellings today still resides in the areas of their historic origin, although the name has spread to other countries as well.

In the United States, the name is quite common among those with Scottish and Irish heritage, while in Canada it is more common among those of French-Canadian descent. It is also common among those of other nationalities, especially those of French descent, given the common origin of the surname.

Variations of the surname M'Gill/M'Geil/M'Veil

The surname M'Gill, M'Geil, and M'Veil all trace their roots to the Irish Gaelic McLaughlin or MacGillies clans of Scotland and Ireland. The M'Gill, M'Geil, and M'Veil variants likely derived from a common Gaelic ancestor, although the exact etymology of each surname is uncertain.

The M'Gill surname is derived from the Gaelic MacFhlannghail —McC in the Clan McLouklan and MacLaghlan— and means “son of the servant of the bald one.”

The M'Geil surname is derived from the old Gaelic MacGioileaigh—MacGillies or MacEilrys— and may be anglicised as MacGileoth, MacGilvy, MacGilly, McGyle, and Giolla eachlocc. The M’Geil name may also come from the Irish word “geeille” meaning “servant” and thus can be translated as “servant of the leader.”

The M'Veil surname is derived from the old Gaelic MacMaoil Mhic (variant MacMhaoil Mhic) and is thought to be an anglicised form of the Gaelic MacGillie. It could also have derived from the Gaelic mac an mhile which means either “son of the thousand” or “son of difficulty”.

The M'Gill, M'Geil, and M'Veil surnames have seeped into other parts of the world, in addition to Scotland and Ireland, where they have taken on numerous spelling variants. Common alternative spellings for M'Gill include McGil, McGille, and McGillis. Those for M'Geil include McGiel, McGeal, and McKayeil. Spelling variants of M'Veil include McMeal, McVeil, MacGeil, and MacVeil.

Famous people with the name M'Gill/M'Geil/M'Veil

  • John M'Geil, 19th century American photographer and Civil War veteran.
  • James M'Veil, 19th century Scottish lawyer and author.
  • Phil McGraw, American TV personality and self-help author best known as Dr. Phil.
  • Jim Mcgill, Australian professional golfer.
  • Jim McGilvray, Canadian broadcaster.
  • Wilbert M'Gill, American art collector and socialite.
  • William McGil, Canadian artist and illustrator.
  • Erin McGil, Irish suffragist and women's rights activist.
  • Angus McGil, Scottish-born Canadian politician.
  • Lawrence M'Gill, English industrialist and philanthropist.
  • Bonnie M'Gill, American film and television actress.
  • Marilyn M'Gill, Canadian figure skater and Olympic medalist.
  • Robert McGee, Irish-born Canadian soldier and politician.
  • John McGill, Canadian wrestler and stuntman.
  • Terence M'Geil, English actor and comic.

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