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Surname M'Gillechyny - Meaning and Origin

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M'Gillechyny: What does the surname M'Gillechyny mean?

The last name M'Gillechyny is of Irish origin and likely traces its roots to the County Galway region. The name is derived from the Gaelic term “mac Giolla Cheine” meaning “son of the follower of St. John.” As the name implies, the M'Gillechyny family has an association with the patron saint of Ireland, St. John.

The M'Gillechyny family have long been respected as a part of the ancient Gaelic aristocracy in Ireland. The family is known for being a part of the powerful O'Toole clan that once ruled over much of Galway. During the mid-15th century, the M'Gillechyny’s actually sided with the overwhelming English forces and, as a result, preserved much of the estate lands that had once been taken from them as well as freeing them from the tyranny of the O’Toole’s.

Throughout the centuries, individuals with the M'Gillechyny surname have served in prominent positions in their communities. Examples include military service during both WWI and WWII, political office, and church administration.

In modern times, the M'Gillechyny clan continues to carry the proud legacy of its ancestors as practitioners of the Irish culture. The family is revered for its commitment to keeping alive the traditions and customs of the Emerald Isle, while at the same time taking an active role in society and continuing to bring honor to its name.

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M'Gillechyny: Where does the name M'Gillechyny come from?

The last name M'Gillechyny is currently a relatively rare surname; it is thought to have originated among those of Scottish heritage. It is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, particularly in the Scottish and Irish regions, and to a lesser degree in other parts of Europe. It is also found in North America, including in Canada and the United States, though it is much less common there than it is in the UK.

M'Gillechyny is an Anglicized variation of the Gaelic Mac Gille Chomhaill, which means "son of the servant of Colm". This is an indication that the family has links with the ancient kingdom of Dalriada, which was a place in what is now Scotland.

Because of the relatively low numbers of people with the last name M'Gillechyny, it can be difficult to find records of the family's history. However, it is believed that the early bearers of the name were likely descended from a famous ancestor, Colm, who was a legendary leader of the Dalriadan kingdom. His name was later used to form M'Gillechyny, and many of his descendants have used this surname ever since.

Overall, M'Gillechyny is primarily located in the UK today, especially in Scotland and Ireland. It can also be found in North America, but much less commonly than it is in the UK. As a result, records of its ancestral lineage may still remain obscure and its future uncertain.

Variations of the surname M'Gillechyny

The surname M'Gillechyny is an anglicized version of the Scottish/Irish Gaelic name Mac Gille Fhoinn, which can also be seen spelled as Mac Gillfinny, Mac Gilfinny, Mac Gilfinn and Mac Gillfinn.

Other variants include McGillfhinny, MacGillfhinny, MacGilleFhinni, MacGilleFhiona, M'Gillfinny, M'GIllinny, MacGillePhinny, and Gille Fhinn.

In Scotland, the name is most common in the Highland regions. Some of the related names associated with this surname are MacFinney, Finkle, McGhee, McKeown and McEwen. On the Irish side of the family, other related names include Gill, Fee, Feehan, Flannery and Flemming.

In both Scotland and Ireland, the M'Gillechyny name is associated with Septs or Clans, which practiced a form of 'kinship' where all members of a Clan or Sept trace their lineage and claim a common ancestor. In Scotland, one of the major Clans connected to the M'Gillechyny name is Clan MacDonald, with other Clans such as Clan Boyd, Clan MacLean, Clan Maxwell and Clan MacRae also having ties to the M'Gillechyny name. In Ireland, the related surname O'Finnegan is associated with the province of Ulster, with other related Irish clans and septs including the O'Gilligans and the O'Flahertys.

Famous people with the name M'Gillechyny

  • David M'Gillechyny Keller: Former Attorney General of the state of Colorado
  • T. J. M'Gillechyny: American musician
  • Donwell M'Gillechyny, Jr.: American hurdler
  • Chris M'Gillechyny: American soccer player
  • Erik M'Gillechyny: Former Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Michael M'Gillechyny: British singer
  • David M'Gillechyny, Jr.: Award-winning Scottish author
  • William M'Gillechyny: Former Justice of the Oklahoma Supreme Court
  • Christopher M'Gillechyny: British motorcyclist
  • Thomas M'Gillechyny: Science fiction writer

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