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Surname M'Craken - Meaning and Origin

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M'Craken: What does the surname M'Craken mean?

The last name M'Craken is generally believed to be a variant of the Scottish surname MacCracken, which is a sept of the Clan MacFarlane. The name MacCracken is thought to have derived from the Gaelic word "maccraic" meaning "son of the rock" and could indicate the family's origin as a sept of Clan MacFarlane in the ancient Galloway (modern-day Scotland).

The MacFarlanes were respected in Scotland for their support of Robert the Bruce in the Wars of Independence and they are believed to have been elevated to the landed gentry in the late fourteen century. It is likely that, at some point, a branch of the family adopted the "M'Craken" form of the surname.

The name M'Craken has been found in the U.S. since the early years of the 18th century, when immigrants from Scotland began arriving in the colonies. It is believed that some of the earliest immigrants who bore this name were members of both the MacFarlane and M'Craken families who settled in an area of northern Connecticut now known as Litchfield County.

The M'Crackens have continued to be represented in the U.S. to the present day and, while it is impossible to know the exact origin of the name, it is clear that it has Scottish roots and a noble history.

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M'Craken: Where does the name M'Craken come from?

The last name M'Craken is not particularly common today. It does not appear in any of the main surname databases, suggesting that it is not a widely spread or used surname.

In Scotland, it is thought that the name originated from a variant of MacRae. This surname is an Anglicized version of the Gaelic language name Macraith which is thought to mean ‘son of grace’. People with this surname are mostly found near the Isle of Skye, around MacRae country. This suggests that the surname was once quite common in these areas, however it appears to have died out over time.

The most likely place to find people today with the last name M' Craken is the United States. American families with this name seem to be descended from Scottish origins. Many of them have records of early ancestors bearing the name in Scotland, suggesting that the name spread with Scottish immigrants. Records suggest that, in the US, the M'Craken surname began to appear in the late 19th century.

However, since then, the name does not appear to have spread much further than it had before. It is still relatively uncommon in the US and is very rarely found elsewhere. The few people who do bear the name mostly trace their ancestry to MacRae country in Scotland.

Variations of the surname M'Craken

The surname M’Craken has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The most predominant of these is McCracken, which has numerous alternate spellings. McCracken is spelled McCraken, McCraakin, McCrackin, and MacCraken in various areas. It can also be shortened to Cracking, Cracken, or Crakin, as well as Crakon, Krakon, Krakkin, Krakon, and Crackin.

In Scotland, the spelling of the name can also be M’Cracken. In Ireland, the surnames MacCracain, MacCrakeen, and MacCracken are also found. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, variants such as Craik and Craigs are also found.

The origins of the M’Craken surname can be traced back to the Scottish-Gaelic “mac Raghnaill” which was anglicized to MacRacken. This surname, when taken to the U.S., was transformed to McCracken.

McCraken is the most common form of the surname in the United States. The variants appear more often in Europe, with McCrackin being used more in England, MacCraken being used in Ireland, and M’Cracken being most common in Scotland.

The numerous variants of the M’Craken surname are further evidence of the evolution of the name and the migration of people with that surname over the centuries. While the most common spelling is McCraken, there are numerous other spellings and adaptations that can be used in different parts of the world.

Famous people with the name M'Craken

  • Joe McRacken: professional wrestler from the UK
  • Will McRacken: Scottish professional footballer
  • Ben McRacken: Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Mark McRacken: American football player
  • Kevin McRacken: Australian football player
  • Alan McRacken: English rugby player
  • Martin McRacken: Irish professional golfer
  • Steven McRacken: professional surfer
  • Richard McRacken: British actor
  • Shane McRacken: Canadian television actor
  • Claire McRacken: Canadian actress
  • Murray McRacken: American artist
  • Sheila McRacken: Canadian music producer
  • Barron McRacken: horse racing jockey from the US
  • Ned McRacken: civil rights activist from the US
  • Maurice McRacken: African-American civil rights pioneer
  • Tom McRacken: Scottish writer
  • Evan McRacken: Canadian comedian
  • William McRacken: British barrister and judge
  • Brian McRacken: Elias Sports Bureau statistician

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