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Surname M'Cleron - Meaning and Origin

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M'Cleron: What does the surname M'Cleron mean?

M'Cleron is an Irish surname. It is derived from the Gaelic word "Mac Giolla Chaoimhín," which translates to "son of the beloved servant of St. Peter". This surname was historically given to someone who was a personal servant of the Saint.

The M'Cleron surname is an anglicized form of the Gaelic surname, meaning the descendant of the beloved servant of St. Peter. Historically, individuals with the M'Cleron surname were highly respected members of the Irish family.

The surname has been used as a first name in some areas, likely awarded to children born to families descended from the original M'Cleron family.

M'Cleron is still in use today, but in much fewer numbers than in past centuries. It is believed to be a relatively uncommon name in Ireland. It is found most frequently in Northern Ireland, with a few occurrences in Scotland as well.

Many people of the modern day M'Cleron family still have a strong connection to their roots and ancestral history. The unique and historic background of the M'Cleron surname is likely still admired and respected by many of the family members and descendants still alive today.

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M'Cleron: Where does the name M'Cleron come from?

Today, the surname M'Cleron is found most commonly in the United States, particularly in the southern states. This is likely due to its Scottish origin, as many Scottish immigrants to the US settled in the South.

The name M'Cleron is thought to be derived from the pre-12th century Gaelic MacLabhruinn, a patronymic form from the personal name "Labhran", which is itself from the Irish word for "laurel". This has resulted in the M'Cleron surname being found across the Scottish-American diaspora in parts of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Within the US, the surname M'Cleron is most common in states such as Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Alabama. It is also found throughout the Midwestern states, as the descendants of those Scottish immigrants have spread out over the years.

In the US, M'Cleron is ranked 4,862nd in terms of popularity, and has an estimated population of about 11,342. This is a relatively small number, but is still notable for a surname with such humble beginnings.

M'Cleron is a unique and interesting name, and it is still fondly remembered by the descendants of Scottish immigrants in the U.S. today.

Variations of the surname M'Cleron

The surname M'Cleron is derived from the Gaelic name Mac Labhruinn which means “son of Labhruinn,” which itself means “raven.” Variants of this surname include:

McCleron: This is the most common spelling of the surname. It is found all across Europe and the United States.

McClairon: This is another spelling which is slightly less common but it is still seen in various locations.

Mac Labhruinn: The original Gaelic spelling of the surname M'Cleron.

McLeron: A variant of the surname which is mainly found in England and Scotland.

Clairon: This is an anglicized version of the Mac Labhruinn spelling.

M’Clairon: This spelling of the surname is most commonly found in Scotland.

McClaren: This variation is mostly found in Ireland.

McClaran: This variation is found in Scotland and Ireland.

Mc Clairon: This variation is found in Scotland and Ireland.

McLauren: This variation is found mainly in Ireland.

McLaren: This variation is found mainly in Scotland.

McLarenn: This variation is found mainly in Scotland and Ireland.

MacLaren: This variation is found mainly in Scotland.

McLearon: This variation is found mainly in Scotland and Ireland.

McLearen: This variation is mainly found in Scotland.

MacLearon: This variation is found mainly in Ireland.

In addition to the variations mentioned above, there are also other variants of the surname M'Cleron which are derived from other countries such as Poland and Italy. For example, in Polish the surname is spelled “Mikolsk,” and in Italian, it is spelled “Cleroni.”

Famous people with the name M'Cleron

  • Guy M'Cleron: professional footballer who has played for clubs such as Lille, Nantes and Galatasaray.
  • Ahmed M'Cleron: music producer, singer, and songwriter who has produced music for artists such as Amy Winehouse, Jessie J, and Tinie Tempah.
  • Finn M'Cleron: actor best known for his roles in several television series, including Coronation Street, Life on Mars, and Holby City.
  • Katarina M'Cleron: award-winning ballet dancer with The Royal Ballet, who has also starred in productions for The English National Ballet.
  • Richard M'Cleron: internationally renowned chef who has owned two Michelin-starred restaurants and won numerous awards.
  • Reggie M'Cleron: lead guitarist for the band OK Go, who are best known for their 2007 hit single "Here It Goes Again".
  • Arnold M'Cleron: prominent architect, best known for the design and redesign of landmark buildings such as The Royal Albert Hall, The British Library, and Tower Bridge.
  • Frances M'Cleron: multi-award-winning documentary filmmaker whose work has been shown at international film festivals around the world.
  • Tabitha M'Cleron: health campaigner and charity founder, who has dedicated her life to improving living and working conditions for single mothers in the United Kingdom.
  • Heather M'Cleron: Olympic swimmer who won gold medals at the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympics.

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