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Surname M'Crynnyll - Meaning and Origin

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M'Crynnyll: What does the surname M'Crynnyll mean?

The last name M'Crynnyll most likely has Irish or Scottish roots, as it is derived from the Gaelic last name Mac Crionail, which is a patronymic surname meaning "son of Crionail". Generally, surnames of this type denote a family lineage or a regional origin.

In the Gaelic language Crionail likely has its origins in two words that mean "lord" or "chief". This suggests that the descendants of M'Crynnyll were of a noble or titled family during the late medieval period.

Other than its noble origin, there is little known about the M'Crynnyll surname. It was most likely a small Gaelic sept in Medieval Scotland and Ireland. It appears to be quite rare, limited to a handful of families. It seems to have a small presence in Scotland, although larger groups of M'Crynnylls are most likely concentrated in certain Irish counties.

Despite the lack of historical information available about the surname, it is a reminder of the rich history of the Irish and Scots. Today, anyone who bears the last name M'Crynnyll can proudly wear it with pride, knowing that their ancestors had a long and storied genealogy stretching back many centuries.

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M'Crynnyll: Where does the name M'Crynnyll come from?

The last name M'Crynnyll is most commonly found in Scotland today, although people with this name likely also live in other countries around the world.

M'Crynnyll is Scottish in origin, and it is believed that the name was first used by a migration of settlers who came to Scotland from Ireland, specifically the region known as Ulster. It is thought that the name M'Crynnyll may be derived from the Gaelic Mac Criomhthainn, meaning 'Son of Criomhthainn'.

The origin of the M'Crynnyll name can be traced back to records from the 1600s, where five McCriomhthain families lived in the district of Inverness-shire. These five families were the foundation of the extended family of M'Crynnyll and are believed to be descended from a single ancestor.

Other spellings of the name include MacCrynniell, McCriniell and McCrannell. Today, more than 600 people carry the M'Crynnyll name across Scotland, primarily in the regions of Ross-shire and Sutherland.

Since M'Crynnyll is a common Scottish name, it is likely that many people with this last name have roots in Scotland and are proud to carry on the family name of their ancestors.

Variations of the surname M'Crynnyll

The surname M'Crynnyll is an Anglicized version of Mac Croidheallain, which is an Irish Gaelic surname originating in Co. Clare, Ireland. The surname derives from the Gaelic name “Croidheallain”, which roughly translates to “There is danger”.

Variants and spellings of the original surname Mac Croidheallain include MacCridheallain, MacCrynealain, MacCryneally, MacCroidheallain, M'Cridellain, M'Crory, McCroidheallain, McCryneall, McCryneally, M'cyclop, M'Kyraine, and M'Kyrin.

Surnames of similar derivations and origins include McCrynnal, MacCrinan, M'Crinan, MacCrinna, McCrinne, MacCrennan, M'Crennan, MacCronnon, M'Cronon, MacCrimmon, M'Crimmon, MacCrynnal, McCryncran, McCrynnill, M'Crynnyll, and MacKryn.

All of these surnames have the same Gaelic origin and all are derived from the original surname Mac Croidheallain. They all contain some form of the Gaelic word "croidheallain," which roughly translates to "there is danger." As such, all of these surnames are closely related and originate in the same region of Co. Clare, Ireland.

Famous people with the name M'Crynnyll

  • Timothy M’Crynnyll: He was a Scottish-born English actor. He is best known for his roles in the films The Horse and His Rider (1969), Fifth of July (1972), and the TV movie Under the Rainbow (1973).
  • Serina M’Crynnyll: She is an Australian actress, best known for playing the role of Cassandra Connor in the soap opera Home and Away.
  • William M’Crynnyll: He is an English actor, best known for his role as Alex Gardiner in the TV series Out of the Blue.
  • Alex M’Crynnyll: He is a British musician and songwriter, best known for his work with the bands Saxon and Winstone.
  • Frank M’Crynnyll: He is an American actor, best known for his role as a New York City cop in appearances on Law & Order, NYPD Blue and Blue Bloods.
  • Eleanor M’Crynnyll: She is an American screenwriter, best known for her work in the films American Beauty (1999) and Up in the Air (2009).
  • John M’Crynnyll: He is an American folk singer and songwriter, best known for his songs “The Times They Are A-Changin’” and “Blowin’ in the Wind.”
  • Charles M’Crynnyll: He is an English biologist, best known for his work on the role of evolutionary genetics in the study of population dynamics.
  • David M’Crynnyll: He is an American writer and filmmaker, best known for his books Reward of Courage and My Double Life.
  • Kate M’Crynnyll: She is an English journalist and presenter, best known for her work on the television series This Morning.

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