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Surname M'Callum/M'Colmin - Meaning and Origin

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M'Callum/M'Colmin: What does the surname M'Callum/M'Colmin mean?

The last name M'Callum or M'Colmin is of Scottish origin, and is derived from the Gaelic Mac Ghille Chaluim, meaning "son of the servant of Columba." It is believed that the name is associated with Clann Chaluim, which are a group of Scots of Irish origin who settled in the area of Strathearn in the 1200s. It is thought that the name could also have been derived from the ancient Celtic Mac Calmain meaning 'son of the Calvinist or thin man.

The name itself is found mostly in the Scottish Highlands but is also seen in some other parts of the world due to migration. In the 1800s, some members of the M'Callum and M'Colmin families moved to Canada, Northern Ireland, and even the United States.

Today, the name is most common in Scotland and throughout the United Kingdom, however it is also found in parts of Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Throughout the years, the name has also undergone phonetic changes, with spellings such as MacCalmon, MacColman, McCallion, and many others appearing in records.

Regardless of where it is found, the last name M'Callum or M'Colmin is associated with a proud heritage and is often seen as a symbol of strength and loyalty.

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M'Callum/M'Colmin: Where does the name M'Callum/M'Colmin come from?

The surname M'Callum or M'Colmin is most commonly found in Scotland and Ireland today. People with the name M'Callum or M'Colmin are of Scottish or Irish descent and trace their ancestry back to the ancient Celtic people of the region. In Scotland, the surname is most commonly found in the Borders region which runs along the English-Scottish border. The surname is also common in County Donegal in Ireland and the surrounding area.

The name M'Callum derives from the old Scottish McCulloch clan which was found in Galloway, Liddesdale and other areas in the Borders. The first known bearer of the name is Galium mac Colmain who lived in the thirteenth century. The M'Colmin version of the surname is Anglicised from the Irish Mac Colmain meaning son of Colmán, a personal name based on an Old Irish word (colm) meaning dove. The surname was taken to Scotland in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries by Irish settlers from Donegal.

Today, the surname is still in use in Scotland and Ireland as well as areas with large populations of those of Scottish and Irish descent, such as the United States and Canada. It is also found in some regions of Australia and New Zealand where waves of immigrants from Scotland and Ireland have settled.

Variations of the surname M'Callum/M'Colmin

McCallum and M'Colmin are two variants of the same surname, of Scottish origin. The English version of the surname is MacCallum/MacColman.

McCallum is the popular variant in Scotland today, while M'Colmin is a rarer spelling. The pronunciation is the same for both spellings, with the 'M' in MacCallum and M'Colmin being pronounced as an 'M'.

The root of the surname is the Gaelic MacCalam, meaning 'son of St Calum'. Over time the 'K' in MacCalam has been replaced by a 'C' or 'Ch', giving rise to different spellings, such as MacCullam, MacCalum or Mackillum.

Other rare variants of the surname include Colonel, Cranholm, Cullam, Columbam, Colmac, Maccomie, and Maccaul. All of these variants are derived from the original MacCalam in Scotland.

The American spelling varies, and can include any of the following: Callam, Callom, Cullum, McCallom, McCalem, McCallen, McCallin, McCollam, McCollom, McCann, and McColm.

There are also some derivative surnames of Scottish origin, such as M'Collum, MacCollam, MacCulloch, M'Culloch, M'Collum and even Colville. Some of these are more closely related to the original Irish MacCalam surname than McCallum or M'Colmin.

In modern times, the surname can be found all over the world, although Scotland is thought to be the homeland of the name. The most prominent Scottish family of the surname is the Clan MacCallum, based in Inverness.

Famous people with the name M'Callum/M'Colmin

  • Michael Mc Callum: a prolific Canadian film producer.
  • Calum Mc Callum: Scottish-Canadian artist and podcast co-host.
  • Torin M'Callum: former NHL player.
  • Alan M'Colmin: a late Scottish amateur golfer and clubmaker.
  • Judy M'Callum: a Scottish Rugby player.
  • Finlay M'Callum: a Scottish businessman.
  • Rihannon M'Callum: a Scottish poet and playwright.
  • Hamish M'Callum: a Scottish fictional character in the novel the Adventures of Gladstone Mention.
  • David M'Callum: a noted Scottish actor.
  • Leslie M'Colmin: a Scottish footballer.

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