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iGENEA gives you the opportunity to be part of the history

A few years ago, I read an article about the Anglo-Saxons and their migration to England in the P.M. When the Anglo-Saxons had taken over most of the island, they displaced the Celts originally there by deliberately mixing with their women. It is possible to establish this today based on a scientific study of the genetic make-up of the English. Historical data corroborate these findings.

I have long since wanted to participate in a study similar to that of those subjects, but there was still some time to wait before DNA research became accessible and affordable for everyone. I then came across iGENEA in early 2008 via a genealogy website and read about the incredible progress in DNA genealogical research.

I was sceptical to begin with and for a while gathered information via the forum. Soon after, I called iGENEA. The team there made a competent and reliable impression on me from the outset. The friendly lady at IGENEA helped me to enter the world of DNA research, which is quite difficult for a layman to understand, by explaining everything to me by means of illustrative examples. iGENEA has been analysing DNA for genealogical research for more than seven years. It is Europe's largest company in this subject area and makes use of the latest studies of renowned geneticists, for example. That made the decision to do a test with iGENEA easy for me.

After a period of looking excitedly at the IGENEA website, the time had finally come and my analyses had been evaluated. Incidentally, it didn't take as long as was originally agreed. Since I did a combo test, I learned both my male (Y DNA) and my female (maternal DNA) descent.

My paternal line descends from Scandinavia, i.e., is north Germanic/Viking and remained in Scandinavia until the 10th/11th century (studied by comparing my genetic profile). I have joined the free surname project and based on that it can be said that a Viking in my line migrated to Scotland, where the name of the McGregor clan was adopted a few centuries later.

My maternal DNA is equally interesting and exciting to follow. Not only is the haplogroup (the group from primeval times) very, very old (coexistence with Neanderthals), but it is also a rare group that migrated to Italy. As an Indo-European section of the population, these were practically the indigenous people of Italy – they experienced the highlights of the Roman Empire firsthand and remained in Italy until at least 1000 AD. It will be exciting to trace their journey from northern Italy (which also belonged to the HRE for a long time) back to Swabia.

iGENEA gives you the opportunity to be a distant part of the history you otherwise only read about in books. Together with tried and tested genealogy, DNA genealogy opens up incredible opportunities. DNA genealogy goes much deeper than conventional genealogical research – right back to the beginning – and it is more reliable and accurate. Thanks to communicating with new 'relatives', it's much easier to get information about your 'extended' family.

For me, my passion and intuition have been confirmed by the results. I'm glad that I did the test. Is it possible that genetic material may conceal even more than can be determined by the latest research?

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Lars Mc. M, Germany

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This story has been published on: 20.03.2013

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02.12.2014 - NiCOLAS

Good day. I am from Slovakia. I want to ask, how did he use a test basic,premium or expert.

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